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Keeping track of what your kids are doing, where they are at, and who they’re hanging out with is a big part of being a parent. We’ve reviewed the best cell phone spy software to help you keep track of your kids without all the hassle. We’ve taken into consideration cost, tracking capabilities and more to help you find the best tracking software for your needs.

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Technology can be great. Cell phones are a great way to keep in touch with your children. It’s easy to send a quick text or make a call on your work break to check in on your kids. In fact, while many teens won’t answer a phone call from a parent while they’re with their friends, most will text with parents. So, if you’re trying to keep track of your teenager, a cell phone can be a great thing.

But all good things come with a price. Cell phones, while great to keep in touch with friends and family, can also cause trouble. It’s not always good for people to be connected to everyone all the time. With an increasing number of internet predators, cyberbullies and adult content available today, parents need to be mindful of how to protect their children. The key is to take action before your child becomes a victim of bullying or before he/she sends that first inappropriate photograph to a friend.

That’s where cell phone spy software comes into play. Cell phone monitoring software allows you to block inappropriate apps and webpages from your child’s cell phone. With GPS tracking, you can make sure your student really went to class and isn’t out sluffing at the theater. And, with time restrictions you can make sure your teen is getting the sleep they need … instead of texting friends all night.

Most cell phone tracking software works in stealth mode – meaning there is no way of knowing there is phone spy software installed on the device.

Cell phone surveillance software is legal, but there are conditions of use:

  • You must own, or have legal authority, over the phone being monitored
  • You must inform any adult user that their phone is being monitored

So, if you’re planning on purchasing mobile phone spy software for an employee’s phone, make sure you inform them of the software on their phone in writing to avoid any privacy law problems in the future. If you plan on using cell phone spy programs to monitor your child’s cell phone, you can legally monitor them without notifying them – if you wish.

When cell phone spying software is installed on a mobile device (usually called the “Target Phone”), the software will monitor most activities that take place on the phone. The best cell phone spy software can monitor most phone usage and allows you to block incoming/outgoing calls and texts. The software also allows you to block specific applications and topics – like drugs, sex, gambling, etc. – from search engines. Some of our favorite cell phone monitor software also allows you to set time restrictions in place. The time restrictions will shut down all service to the phone during specific hours.

Spy software for cell phones only work on Smartphones. In order for the software to work, the device must be connected to the internet. Don’t worry about jacking up your phone bill, most spy software use very little data. The software works better with a consistent internet connection, so the software works best with a good data plan, but as long as the phone connects to the internet regularly, the software will work.

If you’re planning on monitoring an iPhone, you’ll need to make sure the phone is jailbroken. Unless an iPhone has a jailbreak, you won’t be able to install any third party software onto it. So, before you buy cell phone spying software for your iPhone, make sure it’s jailbroken.

Another important thing to know before you buy monitoring software is that you cannot remotely install the software onto a mobile phone. You must have access to the physical phone in order to install this software. If the phone is password protected, you’ll need to get past the password before installing the software as well.

When it comes to choosing the best cell phone spy software, look for software that fits your specific needs. Here are three things to consider when buying cell phone tracking software:

  • Software supports your mobile device
  • Software meets your monitoring needs
  • Software fits your budget

To help you find the cell phone spy software that fits your needs, take a look at our review table above. We’ve listed the best software options and all their features, customer support and fees so that you won’t have to spend hours researching. Once you find the software you like, click “Visit Site” and you’re on your way to monitoring your child’s cell phone and keeping them out of harm’s way.